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Laudato Si, Laudate Deum: Living Pope Francis’ Prophetic Call with Karenna Gore

  • 5 Jun 2024
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Zoom



Karenna Gore will address Laudato Sí and Laudate Deum in the context of the rights of nature, ecocentric law, and comparative (including Indigenous) viewpoints. Her presentation will situate today’s environmental crisis in this broad context, underlining the importance of Pope Francis’ message.

Karenna Gore, like her father Al Gore, is a longtime climate activist, concerned about ethics related to our environmental crisis and how they can influence our practical response to this challenge.

The Center for Earth Ethics was founded to make the changes in policy and culture that are necessary to change to a value system based on longterm well-being of all life.

As we were exploring reframing climate change as a moral issue in galvanizing faith-based activism about it, we also explored deeply the root causes, as we saw them, of the crisis that we’re in and we discovered that it’s really two root causes.

One is this illusion that we are separate and superior to the whole rest of nature. The other root cause is the development paradigm/economic growth paradigm — the way that we measure successful societies.

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